Outdoor Day Trips Around Moorefield, West Virginia

Outdoor Day Trips Around Moorefield, West Virginia | Weimer Ford Blog

Before the weather gets too cold, there are plenty of places to explore around Moorefield this fall that will give you a taste of the great outdoors before the freezing weather sets in. There are various national parks, state parks, and wildlife areas located within a couple hours of Moorefield, so pack up the car and the family for a day of weekend adventuring. Here are a few Moorefield outdoor day trips that we recommend this fall.

  • Lost River State Park: Located just a short half-hour drive away from Moorefield is Lost River State Park. The park has a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities for you to take advantage of and offers cabin lodging if you’re looking for a night away.
  • Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Management Area and Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area: The Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Management Area offers 10,675 acres of forest for you to explore. Spend a day fishing, hunting, or a couple days camping to take in this beautiful wilderness. Located nearby, Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area offers similar opportunities for you to experience.
  • Monongahela National Forest: The edge of the Monongahela National Forest is just about 25 minutes away from Moorefield, making it an easy way to escape into the wilderness for the day. The forest offers breathtaking views and landscapes, local flora and fauna, and plenty of recreation opportunities for you and your family to enjoy. Take the Highland Scenic Highway tour around the forest or head to Spruce Knob to climb West Virginia’s highest peak.


Before you embark on your outdoor adventures, be sure your car is up for the challenge by scheduling a maintenance check with the trained technicians at Weimer Ford.