Preparing Your Car for Fall 

Preparing Your Car for Fall | Weimer Ford Blog

Whether you’re lamenting the end of summer or looking forward to a reprieve from the heat, one thing is certain: fall is quickly approaching. This means it is time to perform some routine seasonal car maintenance. If you’re not an auto expert, though, don’t worry; we have you covered. Follow these easy tips for preparing your car for fall and rest assured that your vehicle will be in great shape all year long.


Between the road and your car, your tires are the only point of contact. As such, the health of your tires is incredibly important. As fall draws near, check your car’s tires to make sure each one (including the spare) is properly inflated and has adequate tread.


The changing season is a great reminder to change your engine’s oil. Doing so is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your car running well.

Wash and Wax

While it may seem like a purely cosmetic thing, hitting the car wash is actually a great way to protect the exterior of your car. This is especially true in fall and winter, when corrosive materials such as salt and dirt tend to build up on your vehicle’s exterior, potentially damaging the paint.

To make sure your car is ready for fall, schedule a maintenance check at Weimer Ford.