What To Do If Your Car Hydroplanes

What to do if you hydroplane | Weimer Ford Blog

Hydroplaning is one of the scariest moments any driver can experience. It happens mainly during wet road conditions when cars lose contact with the road and skid along the water. Here are the steps you can take if your car starts to hydroplane.

Stay calm

Don’t panic. Don’t slam the brakes or turn the steering wheel hard. That will just make you lose more control.

Ease up

Ease off the gas or the brake, depending on which pedal you were using. Disengage the clutch if you’re driving a manual transmission. If you must brake, do so by gently pumping the brake.

Carefully and gently steer in the right direction

Keep a firm grip, using small movements to get the car going in the right direction.

Be careful

Slow down when the road is wet. Try to avoid driving over wet areas, especially standing water and puddles. Turn off the cruise control so you have control of the car. Be extra careful on roads with curves.

To help prevent hydroplaning from happening in the first place, pay close attention to the quality of your tires. Make sure your tires have good tread. Otherwise, your car can lose traction on the road. Get your tires rotated and keep them inflated. The skilled technicians at Weimer Ford can assess the quality of your tires — schedule your maintenance check today.